Join HoSt France at SPACE 2023 in Rennes, France! Space is an exhibition focused on innovation and agriculture. The exhibition has a highly varied program with more than 60 conferences and symposiums confirmed. The HoSt team is looking forward to welcoming you to our booth B66 in hall 4 and telling you more about our biogas plants!

HoSt Biogas plants

HoSt’s proven and industry-leading biogas technology guarantees a profitable and highly efficient agricultural, industrial, sludge, or 100% manure biogas plant. Biogas plants for every need.

HoSt biogas plants stand out through proven technology and many innovations, which allows our biogas plants to run on a higher organic loading rate due to optimized dosing and mixing, achieving the ideal feedstock mixture resulting in a stable anaerobic digestion process and a high biogas production. Input streams for the digester can be manure, expired food, straw, chaff, grass cuttings, slaughterhouse waste, sludge, fats, and many more. The various components and services would typically feature in a project of this nature. 

Besides our optimised dosing and mixing HoSt introduces smart technology to assist your understanding of the build up of sand in your digester. This pre-emptive data allows for better planning, operations, and maintenance.

Biogas plants from HoSt are very suitable for the argicultural sector, HoSt has supplied a large number of agricultural biogas plants for the anaerobic digestion (AD) of manure and agricultural products (e.g. corn, straw and grass) in combination with waste from the food industry. The HoSt agricultural biogas plants are suitable for any agricultural residual flow.


SPACE will be held at Rennes Exhibition Centre in Rennes, France. SPACE is an exhibition where you can meet professionals, like HoSt, manufacturers of the products, and the equipment you’re looking to acquire. The HoSt team is looking forward to meeting you there!