HoSt biogas plant - organic residues and manure - Marrum, Netherlands

RNG from dairy farming

Sustainable energy and value from manure with our biogas plants designed for the dairy sector. Reduce costs, increase efficiency, lower emissions, and lower CI score.
HoSt biogas plant - manure

Biogas & RNG production

Dairy biogas plants from HoSt are ideal for dairy farmers who want to cost-effectively increase their sustainability. Our biogas plants ensure high and stable biogas production, while simultaneously enable RNG production with the seamless integration of our biogas upgrading technology. Through the anaerobic digestion of dairy manure, you can generate RNG, lower your CI score, create additional revenue streams, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our biogas plant features

  • Latest technology, due to our strong focus on research and development
  • Advanced technology supporting low CI scores
  • 24/7 service and maintenance
HoSt biogas plant - repowering - Groengas Jelsum Netherlands

Agile dairy biogas plants

Biogas systems from HoSt have many benefits, including the robust design of the biogas system, mixing configuration, heat recovery, and patented insulated double membrane roofs. The generated biogas can be further utilized for various purposes such as biogas upgrading, CO2 liquefaction, bio-LNG, and bio-CNG. Moreover, HoSt offers agile turnkey biogas systems customizable to specific requirements.