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Our history

Founded by Herman Klein Teeselink in 1991 through a joint venture between Holec Projects and Stork, HoSt Group has thrived under family ownership. Since 2020, Jelle Klein Teeselink has been part of the management team, upholding the family-owned company. Our global team of close to 500 dedicated professionals operates across seven countries, with offices in both the US and Europe. We are passionate about advancing renewable energy technology worldwide, accelerating the renewable energy transition, the circular economy, and helping our clients reach their sustainability goals. To date, we have built more than 450 systems in over 35 countries — some of which have been operating successfully for over two decades.

Herman en Jelle Klein Teeselink - HoSt Group
Headquarters HoSt Group Netherlands

Our mission

Harnessing innovation to solve pressing challenges. By transforming methane-emitting waste into renewable biofuels, renewable gases, and leveraging cutting-edge technology we drive the transition towards cleaner energy solutions. With an innovative spirit and a commitment to global deployment, we aim to lead the energy transition while offering economically viable and environmentally impactful technologies and services.

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Research & development

Rooted in a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, HoSt has achieved leadership in the field of renewable energy solutions through a focus on in-house technology development. This includes several patented technologies and a robust R&D pipeline set for the coming years. Our streamlined product lines stand out for their efficiency, ROI, and commitment to sustainability, featuring low emissions and continuous innovation.

HoSt North America office

Robert Lems (CEO), Graham Hartlett (CSO), and Rollin Perrigo (CFO) leverage their extensive experience in the RNG sector to spearhead HoSt Bio-Energy North America, established in 2021. Our rapidly expanding team in Vancouver, Washington, is propelling HoSt Bio-Energy North America to be a frontrunner in executing RNG projects across the USA and Canada, playing a vital role in advancing sustainable energy solutions. Our numerous biogas projects contribute to the energy transition across various industries in the US, aligning with global sustainable development goals. HoSt is committed to driving innovation in renewable energy, offering business-centric solutions that echo the values of sustainability and environmental conservation.

Office HoSt North America in Vancouver, Washington