HoSt Group's Sustainability Mission

Our sustainability mission

As a technology-focused family company, we are stepping up by offering effective and sustainable renewable energy projects that address both the climate crisis and waste management challenges.

Our goals

Affordable, efficient & clean energy

Develop and offer accessible, cost-effective, decentralized renewable energy systems with best available technologies to markets, contributing to global and local energy accessibility.

Tech-driven decarbonization

Develop clean technologies that drive decarbonization and make a positive impact across crucial sectors that can make a difference, including industry, infrastructure, transport, and agriculture.

Empowering sustainability goals

Amplify sustainability efforts across various areas. Be it through adopting our technology for your projects or by joining our team, we are dedicated to empowering you to achieve your goals.
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Our history

Founded by Herman Klein Teeselink in 1991 through a joint venture between Holec Projects and Stork, HoSt Energy Systems has thrived under family ownership. Since 2020, Jelle Klein Teeselink has been part of the management team, upholding the family-owned company. HoSt Energy Systems is part of the HoSt Group. Our global team of over 500 dedicated professionals operates across seven countries, with offices in both the US and Europe. We are passionate about advancing renewable energy technology worldwide, accelerating the renewable energy transition, the circular economy, and helping our clients reach their sustainability goals. To date, we have built more than 450 systems in over 35 countries — some of which have been operating successfully for over two decades.

Herman & Jelle Klein Teeselink - HoSt Group
Headquarters HoSt Group Netherlands

Our mission

Harnessing innovation to solve pressing challenges. By transforming methane-emitting waste into renewable biofuels, renewable gases, and heat and power, and leveraging cutting-edge technology we drive the transition towards cleaner energy solutions. With an innovative spirit and a commitment to global deployment, we aim to lead the energy transition while offering economically viable and environmentally impactful technologies and services.

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Research & development

Rooted in a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, HoSt has achieved leadership in the field of renewable energy solutions through a focus on in-house technology development. This includes several patented technologies and a robust R&D pipeline set for the coming years. Our streamlined product lines stand out for their efficiency, ROI, and commitment to sustainability, featuring low emissions and continuous innovation.

Full-scale research facility & laboratory

At our full-scale Wabico research facility in Waalwijk Netherlands, we test new renewable gas technologies before launching them and optimize existing ones. Our in-house large testing facility with laboratory at our HyGear office is one of the most advanced testing facilites in the Netherlands, while our laboratory at our head office helps with key analyses and laboratory-scaled studies. Running our own renewable gas and heat and power facilities lets us fine-tune our technologies based on real-world data before we market it worldwide.