Energy as a Service

Comprehensive Energy as a Service for businesses looking for service models for sustainable heat and power supply, or looking to outsource biogas upgrading activities.
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HoSt as energy partner

Seeking an efficient way to manage your biogas upgrading or in need of sustainable heat solutions without the overhead? Explore Energy as a Service with HoSt Group. As an established Energy as a Service Company (ESCO), HoSt ensures you remain focused on your primary operations while advancing your green initiatives. We harness a large variety of organic residues for renewable energy production and we upgrade your biogas to high value end-products including biomethane, bioCNG, bioLNG, and food grade liquid CO2.

HoSt biomass CHP - Carbon capture Energy as a Service - Andijk Netherlands

Heat as a Service

HoSt’s Heat as a Service offers economical, renewable heat from organic residues without the need for capital investment or system operation. Secure a fixed cost-effective price for renewable energy for a longer period of time. Ideal for businesses with high heat demands (5MWth-25MWth). Our service ensures sustainability, and reduced energy and ETS costs. HoSt manages from development to operation, providing reliable heat and optional sustainable electricity. Serving industries from district heating to food processing and from greenhouses to the paper industry, we ensure 24/7 service and seamless heat delivery, while reducing your carbon footprint.

HoSt Energy as a Service - Grolsch Netherlands

Biogas as a Service

Optimize your biogas production and secure favorable biogas pricing with Biogas as a Service, also known as Biogas Contracting. Leveraging our experience and advanced technology, we offer a streamlined approach to upgrade your biogas into high-quality end-products including biomethane and food-grade CO₂. Our in-house technologies guarantee the highest quality biogas utilization and upgrading facility. Delegating the operational responsibilities to HoSt results in the optimal valorization of your biogas.

Collective renewable energy off-take

Partnering with HoSt for renewable energy enables your company to prioritize core activities. Opt for HoSt’s “Energy as a Service” for cost-effective, sustainable heat and electricity without owning or managing facilities. With the offering of both Heat as a Service and Biogas Contracting as a Service, we facilitate collective off-take of renewable resources. Contact us to request more information on HoSt’s Energy as a Service.


Economically attractive heat and power price
Unburdening your energy needs and focus on your core business
No investment needed as HoSt is the plant owner
Become independent from fossil fuels, enhance sustainability
Reduction of carbon emissions, thus reduce your EU-ETS or local CO2 tax
How can HoSt help you?

We realized Energy as a Service projects for

HoSt Energy as a Service - Grolsch NetherlandsNetherlands
HoSt Energy as a Service - biogas contracting - EvidesNetherlands
HoSt biomass-fired heat and power plant in Bemmel, NetherlandsNetherlands
Bio-energie Next Garden
HoSt biogas plant - organic residues and manure - Marrum, NetherlandsNetherlands
Biogas Marrum
HoSt biomass CHP - Energy as a Service - Andijk NetherlandsNetherlands
Andijk Het Grootslag
HoSt Group - energy technology project referencesNetherlands
 and many more