HoSt biogas plant - manure - Netherlands

Biogas plants for anaerobic digestion of manure

Convert manure into renewable natural gas with our anaerobic digester biogas plants, creating new revenue streams for farmers and developers.
HoSt AD plant - Villemereuil France

RNG from manure

Anaerobic digesters from HoSt are highly efficient in handling a wide range of manure types, including pig and poultry manure, among others. The primary criterion is that the manure must contain sufficient organic matter content to facilitate effective anaerobic digestion. Biogas plants including biogas upgrading technology ensure local renewable natural gas production; storable renewable energy and other commodities. The produced RNG can be used on-site or injected into the grid, creating additional revenue.

Our biogas plant features

  • Latest technology, due to strong focus on research and development of anaerobic digester technology and biogas upgrading
  • Advanced technology supporting low CI scores
  • 24/7 service and maintenance
HoSt biogas plant - organic residues and manure - Netherlands

Manure biogas anaerobic digester

The anaerobic digestion of manure offers a cost-effective and sustainable way of generating RNG to meet the needs of the agricultural and farming industries. Our biogas systems ensure optimal biogas production, thanks to the use of in-house technology and our 24/7 service and maintenance. Additionally, the byproduct of the anaerobic digestion process is a nutrient-rich bio-fertilizer which serves to improve soil fertility and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers.