Advancing Renewable Energy: HoSt Group’s 2023 Highlights

5 January 2024
In 2023, HoSt Group made notable strides as a renewable energy technology company, emphasizing our role in the energy technology sector. Our key achievements reflect our dedication to advancing renewable energy solutions. Explore the milestones that mark HoSt Group's impactful contribution to the future of energy technology.


Technology and Innovation

  • Added hydrogen, PSA, and oxygen removal technology to the portfolio with the acquisition of HyGear.
  • Building a nitrogen stripper at our own biogas plant in Marrum for poultry-manure processing.
  • Successful installment of a larger modern CO2 liquefier (1,200 kg/hr) at our own full-scale AD facility Wabico.
  • Our own wood-fired boiler plant in Bemmel was converted into a multi-fuel boiler plant.
  • Construction started of RDF-fired boiler plant.

Awards, Recognitions, and Milestones

  • Won ‘Best Company of Twente 2023‘.
  • Finalist FD Gazelle International 2023 and received FD Gazelle National 2023.
  • Achieved an Incident Frequency (IF) rate of 0.

Expansion and Growth

  • Expansion of our workshop in Poland for the quickest delivery time of upgrading and CO2 liquefaction technology and the ability to do 150 projects a year with quick delivery time.
  • Expansion of the USA office and strong team growth.
  • 50+ new employees and 40+ interns joined across the group.

Project Developments

  • 3 expansion/extension biogas projects in France.
  • Signed new biogas projects and biogas engineering orders in the Netherlands, Lithuania, England, Ukraine, US, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, and France at a large variety of customers: from potato residues to sludge and from all kinds of manure to food waste.
  • Launched our new website.

2024 and beyond

HoSt Group’s 2023 achievements showcase our strong commitment to renewable energy technology. With new projects, technological advancements, and notable recognitions, we have strengthened our position in the energy sector. Our team’s growth and the expansion of our operations underline our ability to meet the increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions.

Beyond our energy technology portfolio, we also continue to focus on sustainable business operations and maintaining a safe working environment. We take pride in having achieved an Incident Frequency (IF) rate of 0 in 2023, reflecting our commitment to workplace safety.

As we move forward into 2024, we remain focused on contributing effectively to the evolving landscape of renewable energy and continue to empower sustainability ambitions globally, while upholding our dedication to safety and sustainability in all business aspects.