HoSt’s own CHP Plant Bioenergy Next-Garden Evolution: upgrade from biomass to multifuel

25 March 2024
HoSt's industrial biomass-fired combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Bemmel, the Netherlands has been upgraded to a multi-fuel boiler plant. The fuel handling system has been modified to be able to process a wider fuel range. This stands as a testament to innovation, adaptability, and responds to the changing fuel market.
Fuel handeling modification - CHP plant - Bemmel, NL

Cleanest boiler plant in the Netherlands

The plant, also known as ‘Bioenergy Next-Garden’, has been producing renewable heat and power for surrounding greenhouses since 2021. Under ownership and operation by HoSt Group, this facility has reached the prestigious achievement of being the cleanest biomass boiler plant in the country due to NO-NOx cleaning technology.

“This strategic change was critical in accommodating the new range of fuel materials, ensuring smooth operation, and maintaining the plant’s high standards of efficiency and environmental compliance.”, says Markus Alexander Schranzer, sales manager at HoSt Group.

Fuel handling technology upgrade

The primary objective was to enable the use of lower-grade, yet abundantly available fuel types while maintaining compliance with strict emission standards. By modifying the fuel transport and handling system, the plant now boasts the ability to fire a diverse array of biomass materials. This includes 100% shreds from composting systems, even those with ash contents as high as 25%, and agricultural residues like soya hulls. The upgrade has also equipped the CHP plant to handle larger particle sizes, seamlessly processing materials up to 400mm.

Achieving the multi-fuel capability was characterized by targeted improvements to the plant’s existing infrastructure. Since the biomass-fired boiler plant was already equipped with an advanced combustion system, boiler design, robust fuel storage, and state-of-the-art flue gas cleaning technology, the focus was on upgrading the fuel transport system. The upgrade involved a transition from a chain conveyor, suitable for more specific fuel types, to a more adaptable belt system, complemented by a metal separator and an oversized sieve.

Fuel handeling modification - CHP plant - Bemmel, NL

High boiler plant availability & flexibility

Since the upgrade, the availability has notably increased, resulting in an even more consistent and reliable energy production. The availability of the CHP plant was already exceptionally high – 14 months of continuous operation without any stop. Additionally, this diversification in fuel sources has led to a reduction in fuel costs, a critical factor in the competitive energy market

Fuel handeling modification - CHP plant - Bemmel, NL

Multifuel-fired boiler plant

Aside from the technical enhancement, this represents a strategic move in the renewable energy sector and a changing fuel market. By embracing a multi-fuel approach, the plant sets a precedent for other facilities seeking to adapt to market changes, reduce operational costs, and maintain high environmental and emission standards. This milestone in renewable energy technology demonstrates a commitment to innovation and a forward-thinking approach to energy production.