HoSt Group Runner-up Twice in ‘FD Gazellen Internationaal’ Awards

12 April 2024
HoSt Group is honored that we were again nominated as a finalist (top 3) for the FD Gazellen International Award, recognizing our international achievements, growth, and entrepreneurial spirit. The FD Gazellen International has been organized twice and HoSt has reached the top 3 for the second time in a row. The ultimate winner was CEAD Group. The FD Gazellen Award is the ultimate recognition for the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands and the FD Gazellen International is presented to companies achieving success on international level.

Words of the jury

HoSt Group stood out to the judges for the second time. Thanks in part to the passion to commit to the energy transition with their biogas plants. But certainly also the international growth, where acquisitions have been made. By diversifying by geography, the company aims to make itself more resilient to policy changes and the impact of geopolitics. The focus on R&D is important to remain decisive and flexible in the rapidly changing renewable energy market. Careful consideration has been given to monitoring the quality of their products, their maintenance and complementary services. Especially in view of the many markets in which they operate. Their international presence is impressive, as are their growth ambitions. With good management, HoSt Group faces a promising future.

International & national recognition

This recognition adds to our national achievements, the ‘FD Gazelle National’ of the same list. Just recently, in October 2023, we were named one of the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands and came in on place 6 in the category large in the region East of the ‘FD Gazellen Nationaal’ 2023.

More about the FD Gazellen and the criteria.