HoSt Group Secures Biogas Plant Contract in Lithuania

16 April 2024
HoSt Group is proud to announce its contract win for a biogas plant project including biogas upgrading technology in Lithuania. This project marks the company's first biogas facility in the country, adding to its global portfolio of hundreds of biogas and other renewable energy projects, including in the Baltic States.
HoSt Group Secures Biogas Plant Contract in Lithuania

Baltic States’ energy diversification

Biogas production and utilization facilities play an important role, both in the energy transition and in the company’s efforts to reduce carbon footprints and support global environmental sustainability goals by utilizing the latest in-house developed technology.

“This expansion into our neighboring country Lithuania reflects the company’s expertise and commitment to advancing renewable energy technologies around the world. We are thrilled to be part of Lithuania’s and the Baltic States’ energy diversification and biomethane production growth”, says Irina Krasta, General Manager of HoSt Latvia, located in Riga, Latvia — one of the seven local offices of the HoSt Group.

Integrated approach

Under this contract, HoSt will undertake the engineering, designing, and delivery of all key components. The scope includes a biogas upgrading system with membrane technology and an upgrading capacity of 2,000 Nm3 per hour ingoing biogas. The produced biomethane, a renewable natural gas, will be injected into the gas grid, supplying an amount equivalent to the gas consumption of approximately 7,000 households.

Key components for the anaerobic digestion part are four digester tanks of 36 meters in diameter and 8 meter high with a fully re-designed mixer configuration, moving floor feeding systems for the feeding of circa 350,000 tons per year of mainly cow manure to the digesters, pre-storage tanks, and digestate separation systems. A multi-year service and maintenance contract is available as an option at a later stage of the project. 

Sjaak Klein Gunnewiek, Sales Manager of biogas projects at HoSt Group: “As a family-owned company, we deliver a comprehensive range of services and technologies all under one roof. This integrated approach involves close cooperation with our local offices and underscores our commitment to efficiency and personalized care. 

“We are thrilled to be part of Lithuania's and the Baltic States’ energy diversification”
Irina Krasta, General Manager of HoSt Latvia