Biogas Americas (USA)

The HoSt team invites you to attend the Biogas Americas 2023 in Chicago, Illinois, US from May 15-18. During the event, we will showcase our latest renewable gas products and technologies. Be sure to come by our booth 209 and discover our advanced biogas technologies and learn more about our pioneering contributions to the industry.

At HoSt, we take pride in our customized approach to biogas plant design. Additionally, we develop tailor-made solutions that suit the unique needs and requirements of our clients. HoSt biogas systems ensure efficient and effective biogas production. This is due to cutting-edge technologies, such as digestate treatment, patented insulated double membrane roofs, in-tank desulphurization, and ultra-low CI score.

Commitment to innovation and sustainability has made us stand out in the biogas industry. The team of HoSt North America is looking forward to meeting you and helping you find a reliable and sustainable biogas solution that will meet your long-term energy needs.

Why Attend?

Personal interaction is essential to understanding our client’s needs and developing tailored solutions that deliver maximum value. Visit us at booth 209 and our team of experts will help you identify your specific requirements and provide customized recommendations that align with your budget and sustainability goals.

Technology that supports low CI scores

HoSt has created additional mechanisms to lower your project’s CI score. By implementing a heat exchanger, which makes use of the heat produced by the digester’s outgoing digestate to warm up the incoming manure. This results in better energy efficiency in your facility, reduced electricity consumption, and an improved CI score.

Service and maintenance

HoSt offers 24/7 local service and maintenance services. In addition to our locally based field technicians, our experts can remotely monitor the performance of your plant in real-time. Besides, our technicians can be connected to your operator through ‘smart glasses’ that the operator wears on site. These glasses include a camera, earphones, and a microphone which allows for incredible live and real-time communications between our team and yours.

Biogas Americas 2023

Biogas Americas 2023 is the largest conference of the biogas industry in the United States this year and is held annually by the American Biogas Council. Therefore, this conference is essential for anyone involved in the biogas business as it offers a platform to network with people who are in the industry.

HoSt biogas plant - organic waste