European Pellet Conference (DE)

Join HoSt in Wels, Austria, at the European Pellet Conference (Europäische Pelletskonferenz) 2024 on March 6th at 14:45h. Meet our sales representative and thermal technology expert Markus Alexander Schranzer, who will give an insightful presentation about wood- and RDF-fired boiler plants with advanced flue gas cleaning technology, carbon capture technology and Heat as a Service.

“Looking forward to unveiling the future of renewable energy and carbon capture with clean wood- and waste-fired boiler plants. Join us to see how advanced technology can transform sustainability in the industry”, comments Markus.

European Pellet Conference / Europäische Pelletskonferenz

The European Pellet Conference is part of the World Sustainable Energy Days. The 2024 Conference will focus on how the acceptance of pellets as an important element in the clean energy transition can be regained, and how the positive contribution of pellets in a circular economy can be increased. Read more about the European Pellet Conference (Europäische Pelletskonferenz).

Boiler plants with carbon capture for the industry

HoSt specializes in delivering industrial and WID/IED compliant wood- and waste-fired boiler plants, with capacities ranging from 8-25MWth \ 1-10MWe. Our modular technology efficiently combusts a wide array of wood waste, including bark, shreds, chips, sawdust, shavings, as well as RDF, SRF, and various waste materials. This capability allows us to supply the pellet industry with renewable heat, power, hot water, and (process) steam, enhancing its energy efficiency and sustainability. Importantly, our plants are designed to utilize waste materials, not pellets, as fuel. With HoSt’s advanced carbon capture systems, CO2 emissions from combustion gases are effectively captured post-combustion, producing either gaseous bioCO2 or liquid bioCO2 with additional liquefaction technology. This innovative approach underscores our commitment to providing renewable energy solutions in the cleanest possible way, aligning with our vision for a sustainable future.

Join us, more information and tickets here. Interested in a meeting with Markus during the European Pellet Conference / Europäische Pelletskonferenz? Contact us and schedule a meeting.