Fernwärme Forum (CZ)

Find HoSt at the Fernwärme Forum in Bern, Switzerland. The HoSt team can help you find your ideal sustainable biomass heating solution. HoSt supplies turnkey highly efficient biomass/waste boilers & cogeneration plants. HoSt also offers Heat as a Service (part of HoSt Energy as a Service), if you wish to acquire sustainable heat and electricity. HoSt Heat as a Service can be of benefit when you don’t wish to invest in and own and operate a bioenergy facility yourself but still would like to acquire sustainable heat (and electricity) against economically attractive prices. Be sure to come and learn more about our renewable energy technologies!

HoSt Energy as a Service

HoSt Heat as a Service is your ideal solution when you’re searching for renewable heat derived from sustainable biomass in the most economically profitable way without investing in or operating a facility yourself. For companies with a large heat consumption (5MWth-25MWth) and with high energy costs, heat as a service from HoSt is an ideal service model to reduce energy and ETS costs while increasing the sustainability of your business. As an Energy as a Service Company HoSt ensures the development, permitting, financing, and construction of a biomass-fired boiler or CHP as well as owning- and operating the system. HoSt will provide you with sustainable energy: ranging from hot water to high-pressure steam, but also the additional direct delivery of sustainable electricity is possible with a CHP system. Sustainable heat delivered by HoSt is used to power for example district heating systems, greenhouses, the food industry, or the chemical industry.

Biomass/waste boilers & cogeneration plants

HoSt Group supplies turnkey highly efficient combustion plants: biomass boilers, wood boilers, biomass-fired cogeneration plants, waste boilers, and waste-fired cogeneration plants. Our industrial boiler technology is top of the class in the medium-sized range from 8 MWt to 25 MWt boiler capacity to produce renewable heat. And 1 to 10 MWe to produce renewable electricity. HoSt biomass-to-energy or waste-to-energy plants with the best available technology are highly standardized and available in three variants: for woody biomass, RDF/SRF/other waste, and for agricultural residues.

Building on a modular boiler system, HoSt adapts every biomass/waste-fired boiler plant to meet customers’ exact project-specific needs and offers turnkey solutions. Your sustainable heating solution starts with HoSt.

Fernwärme Forum

The Fernwärme Forum will have competent speakers from Switzerland and abroad to discuss the advantages of district heating, with an emphasis on the environmental friendliness, flexibility and long-term security of supply. The Fernwärme Forum is great exhibition for networking opportunites with other professionals.

HoSt biomass-fired heat and power plant in Bemmel, Netherlands