Green Gas Day 2024 (UK)

HoSt is excited to participate in the Green Gas Day on September 5th in Birmingham, UK, showcasing our biogas technologies.

Our biogas plants optimize biogas production from organic waste, residues, and manure, ensuring the efficient and anaerobic digestion of diverse feedstocks. HoSt’s biogas upgraders integrate seamlessly into any biogas facility, maximizing biogas value and production. As an add-on technology to the industrial biomass and RDF-fired heat and power plant, HoSt also offers modular containerized systems. With the carbon capture technology, it is possible to capture CO2 from the combustion flue gas and convert it into gaseous CO2. In addition, our CO2 liquefaction technology not only produces consistent food-grade liquid bio-CO2, but also generates additional revenue and reduces carbon emissions. By incorporating this technology, HoSt empowers the circularity and sustainability of biogas production, supporting a greener future.


Green Gas Day

The largest industry gathering in the UK focused on green gases. The Green Gas Day 2024 will look at recent and future policy developments to support green gases such as biomethane and clean hydrogen, as well as the latest changes that will impact the green gas market. With over 300 people attending the previous years, the Green Gas Day is the place to meet project developers and operators, financiers, waste hauliers, technology providers and government officials.