World Biogas Expo 2023 (UK)

Visit HoSt Group at the World Biogas Expo from March 29th to 30th in Birmingham, UK. The HoSt team is looking forward to welcoming you to booth D201 and telling you more about our advanced biogas technology.

HoSt biogas plants

As a bioenergy technology industry leader with a full technology portfolio under one roof, HoSt has built up extensive experience in engineering, constructing, and maintaining highly efficient biogas plants. Our biogas plants are designed to accommodate numerous different feedstocks including industrial waste, agricultural by-products, cow and poultry manures, slaughterhouse waste, food waste, FOGS, and grasses. Feedstock menu mixing and dosing optimisation is one of the key drivers for the output efficiency of the plant.

Biogas upgrading technology, CO2 liquefaction and digestate treatment technologies are all available through the HoSt holding company, making HoSt the ultimate one-stop-shop for your project technology needs.

Optimized mixing

HoSt incorporates a paddle mixer on opposite sides of our round digester tanks which work in tandem with traditional submersible mixers. The paddle mixers are slow moving mixers that are immune to the wear and tear entrapped sand exposes them to, while being extremely effective in keeping sand in suspension as to remove it with the exiting digestate.

Innovative heat recovery system

HoSt’s innovative heat recovery technology is available in two options: heat recovery after
pasteurisation or heat recovery from digestate. Both recover the heat from liquid waste streams to heat the incoming liquid feed in the anaerobic digestion process. The equipment is specially designed for the heat exchange of highly viscous liquids and masses.

World biogas expo

The World Biogas Expo is one of the world’s leading trade expo dedicated to biogas. The event will provide relevant speakers and interesting exhibitors, in addition to being an excellent platform for networking opportunities with industry professionals, like HoSt Group. Find us at booth D201 to discuss your next biogas project.

HoSt biogas plant - anaerobic digestion