HoSt and Raw Energy Constructing an AD Plant at Charlton Park Estate in Wiltshire, UK

27 July 2021
HoSt is currently constructing an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant at the diverse and forward focused Charlton Park Estate in the UK, developed by Raw Energy. The Estate with a 17th-century mansion house is located 2 miles from the historic town of Malmesbury in Wiltshire. Plans go back five years and HoSt is extremely pleased to develop the biogas facility and to be shareholder. Each year, five million Nm3 of biomethane will be produced from 50,000 tonnes of agricultural waste, and food waste; sufficient to supply the gas needs of over 2,500 average UK houses.
HoSt biogas plant construction - UK

Biomethane & bio-fertiliser

At the biogas facility, biomethane will be produced by means of anaerobic digestion and membrane biogas upgrading technology. This renewable alternative to fossil natural gas will be distributed through the UK’s existing gas grid. The digestate, material remaining after the digestion process, will be pasteurised before being used as clean biological fertiliser (bio-fertiliser) on the surrounding land of the Charlton Park Estate. The UK stays an important market for HoSt to develop more projects providing renewable energy, other valuable end-products and contributing to the UK’s national energy and climate targets

“Having worked on this project at the Charlton Park Estate for five years we are delighted to see the construction of this facility in full swing. We are really enjoying working with the fantastic teams of HoSt and S9, who are the main civils contractor here”, says Stuart Homewood, Director of Raw Energy.

Wide range of bioenergy systems

HoSt, headquartered in the Netherlands, offers a wide range of bioenergy systems, including maintenance service contracts, to ensure the success of a circular economy by producing renewable energy, solving waste management challenges, and creating valuable end-products from organic waste. HoSt has realised multiple biogas plants in the UK.

“To say that we are proud of this large order would be an understatement. It confirms the huge scope for biomethane projects the UK market offers.”
Sjaak Klein Gunnewiek, Sales Manager of biogas projects at HoSt