HoSt biogas plant - organic waste

Organic waste biogas plants

Manage organic waste effectively and produce renewable energy through the anaerobic digestion of organic waste.
Waste utilization
0 tons / year
Biomethane produced
0 Nm3 / hr
0 %


  • Ideal for large industry operations
  • Sanitation of the feedstock
  • Easy to operate due to a high degree of automation
  • Advanced digester mixing
  • Heat recovery system
  • Patented insulated membrane roofs
  • In-tank H2S removal
  • Flexibility in contracting – separate components and technologies or a turnkey biogas system

Organic waste as fuel

HoSt biogas plants for organic waste have a large range of fuel versatility. Organic waste biogas plans are suitable for any type of organic waste. Our biogas plants ensure high and stable biogas production, through the latest mixer configuration for each type and size of digester.

  • straw & grass
    HoSt biogas plant - feedstock - grass and straw
  • sludge
    HoSt biogas plant - feedstock - sludge
  • brown bin waste
    HoSt biogas plant - feedstock - brown bin waste
  • green / food waste
    HoSt biogas plant - feedstock - green food waste
  • abattoir waste
    HoSt biogas plant - feedstock - slaughterhouse waste
  • chaff
    HoSt biogas plant - feedstock - chaff
HoSt biogas plant - organic waste

Organic waste digester

HoSt’s organic waste digesters offer industries a sustainable and cost-effective solution for managing their organic waste. The biogas systems have versatile applications across various industries, such as food waste from the food processing industry. Similarly, industrial and municipal sludge, as well as slaughterhouse waste, can be effectively treated with our technology. Additionally, we provide service and maintenance – resulting in the highest plant availability.

HoSt biogas plant - organic waste

Design & technology

HoSt has extended experience with many types of biogas plants, including centrally mixed digesters. The advantage of these centrally mixed digesters is the limited amount of space that is required. The most suitable technologies and components can be offered based on the feedstock type, personal preferences, economic feasibility, and the available land plot.

Sustainable energy and end-products

The organic waste digesters make use of the latest and most innovative technology, due to our strong focus on research and development. Biogas can be further utilized into biomethane, liquid CO2, bio-LNG, and bio-CNG. Organic waste biogas plants are a sustainable solution for all industries dealing with abundant organic waste. Contact us to request more information on organic waste biogas plants.

HoSt Group - energy technology project references

Biogas from sugar waste

CO2 savings
0 metrics ton
Waste utilized
0 tons per year
Biogas produced
0 million Nm3/ year

This biogas facility at Fontenoy, Belgium transforms beet residuals, such as beet tops, into renewable energy. After the first successful project for Iscal, HoSt has developed a second biogas plant. The biogas plants efficiently process up to 200 tons of waste daily during the sugar beet campaign. After a pretreatment, the biogas is directly applied in Isera & Scaldis’ sugar production process which contributes to sustainable sugar manufacturing and a greater independency of fossil natural gas. Aligning organic waste production with the factory’s heat demand.

HoSt biogas plant - Fontenoy (Finasucre) Belgium
CO2 savings
0 metrics ton
Waste utilized
0 tons per year
Biogas produced
0 million Nm3/ year

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Ormonde Organics
HoSt Biogas Plant for Biocow in Ellough, England (UK)Great Britain
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Stanton Recycling
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