Bio360 Expo (FR)

Meet the HoSt Group at the Bio360 Expo on February 8-9 in Nantes, France and register for a biogas plant tour at a HoSt biogas facility. The biogas plant tour will take place on February 7th at a biogas facility near Nort-sure-Erde. The HoSt France team is looking forward to meeting you at the tour or at the Bio360 Expo and will be happy to welcome you to our booth C39.

HoSt Biogas plants

HoSt offers a total biogas plant solution for the anaerobic digestion of any organic waste stream to produce renewable energy and valuable and sustainable end-products. HoSt’s proven and industry-leading biogas technology guarantees a profitable and highly efficient agricultural, industrial, sludge, or 100% manure biogas plant. HoSt has designed and constructed numerous biogas plants worldwide. Equipment of the highest quality and the use of the newest technology results in our customers’ most efficient biogas plants. The HoSt biogas plant types are:

  • Manure Biogas Plants
  • Agricultural Biogas Plants
  • Industrial Biogas Plants
  • Sludge Biogas Plants

HoSt has built up extensive experience in the processing of diverse waste flows from the food-processing industry and agricultural by-products. Our advanced technology allows anaerobic digest a broad range of biomass waste streams, such as sludge, grass, solid manure, chicken manure, agricultural by-products, straw, slaughterhouse waste, and liquid waste streams.

Biogas plant tour

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit a HoSt biogas plant at Nort-sur-Erde on February 7. The HoSt France team will take you on a tour around the facility. There is limited availability, therefore don’t forget to register your attendance before February 2nd.

Bio360 Expo

The Bio360 Expo showcases today’s solutions and tomorrow’s innovations that will transition us from a fossil-dependent society to a circular, renewable society. The HoSt team is looking forward to meeting you there and telling you more about our biogas plants and green gas production possibilities.