Greentech (NL)

HoSt Group is participating at GreenTech in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from June 13th to 15th, 2023. GreenTech is the global meeting place for the horticulture industry. The HoSt team is looking forward to welcoming you to the stand 3.205 and telling you more about our combustion technology and Heat as a Service. Be sure to come by if you’re looking for renewable heat, electricity, and CO2. Register for free and secure your ticket. 

Combustion Technology

HoSt supplies highly efficient combustion plants; biomass boilers, wood boilers, biomass-fired cogeneration plants, waste boilers, and waste-fired cogeneration plants. HoSt provides biomass-fired heat and power plants with the best available thermal energy conversion and NO-NOx technology. These biomass-fired heat and power plants are the solution to replace gas boilers in your greenhouse.

The boiler capacity ranges from 8MWt to 25 MWt to produce renewable heat. In addition, HoSt combustion systems have a production capacity from 1 MWe to 10 MWe to produce renewable electricity. HoSt offers three variations of standardized plants that can convert biomass-to-energy or waste-to-energy:

  • Woody biomass,
  • RDF/SRF/other waste
  • Agricultural residues

The HoSt combustion technology is highly flexible in applicable fuels: such as moisture contents ranging from 10% to 55% and fuels with low ash melting points like wood from composting systems, straw, chaff, manure, olive pulp, chicken manure, and RDF (Refused Derived Fuel).

HoSt boiler plants meet the strictest emission requirements, applying the cleanest flue gas cleaning. This technology is excellent for industrial processes and can help businesses achieve their sustainability goals. With the add-on of a carbon capture system, the owner of the combustion plant can become carbon-neutral or carbon-negative.

Heat and Power as a Service

Within this service model, HoSt finances owns, and operates the biomass- or biowaste-fired boiler/CHP delivering you sustainable heat in the most profitable way. With Heat as a Service, HoSt provides you with long-term security regarding sustainable heat delivery which can vary from hot water to high-pressure steam. Heat as a service from HoSt can be combined with sustainable electricity delivery when a biomass-powered CHP is deployed. HoSt steps in as an ESCO, thus as an energy supplier for (collective) heat/power offtake. The renewable heat and power will make your company less dependent on fossil fuels and will reduce your CO₂-tax and/or EU-ETS cost.  Heat and Power as a Service do not require an economic investment in the biomass- and waste-fired boiler plant, yet you will still reap the benefit of sustainable heat and electricity: reducing your dependence on expensive and volatile fossil fuels and reducing your carbon emissions.

GreenTech Amsterdam

GreenTech Amsterdam is the horticulture technology platform in the Netherlands, attracting industry professionals from around the globe. The event provides ample networking opportunities with industry professionals, including HoSt, be sure to join to connect, network, and share knowledge. Discover new and innovative solutions in the horticulture industry and find HoSt at stand 3.205, get your ticket now and register for free

HoSt biomass-fired heat and power plant in Bemmel, Netherlands