Holzmesse 2024 (AT)

Don’t miss out on meeting Thermal technology expert Markus Alexander Schranzer at the Holzmesse in Klagenfurt, Austria from August 28-31 at stand C04.

HoSt offers advances waste-fired heat and power plants tailored for the wood industry, showcasing remarkable fuel versatility. These plants efficiently process various waste fuels, including RDF, SRF,  and wast wood (grades A1-A4), alongside sludges and other solid wastes. Furthermore, HoSt provide small to medium sized boiler plants (10-20MW), which convert waste into renewable heat, power, and steam, supporting industries like paper, packaging, and recycling.

Additionally, HoSt integrates carbon capture technology to produce bioCO2 or food-grade liquid CO2. By utilizing RDF’s high energy value, industries can reduce natural gas dependance, lower CO2 emissions, and cut energy and disposal cost. Ultimately, this fosters decentralized on-site energy production and resilient, future-proof operations.

“"HoSt's innovative approaches in bioenergy, ensure a cleaner and more efficient way of turning waste wood into renewable heat and energy."”
Markus Alexander Schranzer, Thermal Technology Expert


The International Holzmesse in Klagenfurt is a trade fair for forestry, sawing, timber and joinery. With over 500 exhibitors form more than 20 different country’s, the Holzmesse is the most important marketplace in Central ans Southeast Europe. The trade fair shows an overview of the entire value chain of Forestry: From the forest to solid wood processing, to equipment and waste-to energy solutions for wood.

HoSt biogas plant - organic residues and manure