HoSt - co2 capture technology

Carbon capture from flue gases

As add-on to the industrial biomass and RDF-fired heat and power plant, HoSt offers modular containerized systems with amine technology to capture CO2 from the combustion flue gas.
HoSt - co2 capture technology

Production of Bio-CO2

Carbon capture technology provides circularity, creates additional income, and produces a sustainable product that is a necessity in many industries. HoSt developed an in-house post-combustion carbon capture technology for any system with a combustion process, and a flue gas, to become more sustainable and produce (bio)CO2 as valuable end-product. With this modular and compact add on system, carbon from combustion flue gas is captured and converted into gaseous CO2. Add CO2 liquefaction for liquid (bio)CO2 as end-product.

Our carbon capture product range:


HoSt - Carbon capture system mini
Small-scale carbon capture unit for any type of combustion process with flue gases to capture CO2 post-combustion.


CarboPac-C Compact carbon capture systeem GreyDark
Compact-scale carbon capture system as add-on for technology for any combustion plant with flue gases.


HoSt - Carbon capture system Medium
Medium-scale carbon capture system for a medium to larger flue gas range and CO2 capturing.


CarboPac-C Grand carbon capture system GreyDark
Carbon capture system for a larger flue gas range and CO2 capturing to produce gaseous/liquid CO2.

Features of carbon capture technology

  • Carbon neutral or carbon negative production
  • High guarantee own (bio)CO2 supply
  • Local production decreases dependency on big producers
  • No transport costs due to local decentralized production
  • Cleaner (energy) process
Flue gas range (Nm3/hr)
Unit size
CO2 captured (@12% v/v)
CO2 captured (@7 v/v)
CO2 purity
Low grade heat requirements (95 °C)
Gaseous CO2
Liquid food-grade CO2 with CO2 liquefaction
500 - 2,500
40 ft.
100 - 500 kg/hr
50 - 300 kg/hr
2,500 - 5,000
45 ft.
500 - 1,000 kg/hr
300 - 600 kg/hr
5,000 - 12,000
40 ft. + 20 ft.
1,000 - 2,500 kg/hr
600 - 1,500 kg/hr
12,000 - 40,000
45 ft. + 45 ft.
2,500 - 8,000 kg/hr
1,500 - 4,500 kh/hr
HoSt - carbon capture technology

Reduce CO2 emissions

Carbon capture technology allows any installation with a combustion process, and a flue gas, to reduce COemissions resulting in carbon neutral or carbon negative energy production. The technology is characterized by its modularity: this allows us to provide a cost effective solution, while remaining flexible to project specific conditions.

Product range availability: 100 – 8,000 kg/hour (0.5-20 MWt boiler plants). The product COcan either be delivered in a gaseous form, or can be combined with an in-house developed COliquefaction system to provide liquid CO2.