Flue gas cleaning

Flue gas cleaning technology, crafted through Dutch engineering excellence, as an integral part of a modern biomass and waste fired boiler plants. HoSt plants have the lowest emissions in the market and comply with the strictest emission limits.
HoSt - Flue gas cleaning technology

Clean tech, clean energy

Our advanced combustion technology already sets the foundation for minimized emissions. Flue gas cleaning technology serves as an additional layer to further reduce pollutants. It is vital for the modern biomass and waste boiler plant, ensuring the lowest emissions while maintaining optimal performance. HoSt leads the industry in flue gas cleaning, with technology developed to meet even the strictest emission standards globally.


  • Ensuring low NOx emissions
  • Additive injection for HCl, SOx and other pollutant removal
  • Meeting stringent local emission requirements
  • Multi-cyclone filter, electrostatic filter, bag house filter, and flue gas condenser as integral part
  • Additional SNCR & SCR possible
HoSt biomass-fired heat and power plant in Bemmel, Netherlands

Meeting most stringest emission limits

Through our pioneering NO-NOx technology, our biomass heat and power plants minimize pollutants like NOx, Sox, HCl, and dust, and consistently surpass emission benchmarks. HoSt is a Dutch technology company and in the Netherlands the emission limits are the most stringent in the world. The trend to achieve ever lower emissions forced us to innovate quicker on combustion technology and flue gas cleaning systems than any other company.

Emission control

Pioneering emission control, HoSt’s boiler plants are fitted with a multi-cyclone filter, an integral part of the technology, to remove dust. Depending on fuel type, regional standards and customer wishes, secondary cleaning can include an electrostatic filter, bag house filter, or flue gas condenser, which are mandatory and an integral part of flue gas cleaning.

To manage contaminants like chloride or sulphur, an absorbent injection alongside a bag house filter is used. The choice between bicarbonate or lime as the absorbent depends on specific needs and conditions. Activated carbon can be dosed if required. The NOx reduction technologies SNCR & SCR can be applied to further decrease NOx emissions.

NO-NOx technology

We apply optimal combustion technology that keep emissions low. When NOx emissions are high, should there be high nitrogen concentrations in the fuel, or if local emission requirements are strict, then we can provide additional measures as needed. For example, urea-injection in the furnace can be applied to reduce the NOx emission down to approximately 70%. For projects requiring further emissions reduction, we provide our NO-NOx system to meet the most rigorous environmental standards.