automatic overhead crane

Fuel handling & storage

Fuel handling is one of the most important technologies in a biomass- or RDF-fired boiler plant. HoSt has designed the fuel handling in a robust way for the highest reliability.
HoSt biomass-fired boiler plant - Bemmel Netherlands

Multi-fuel boiler plants

At HoSt, we specialize in designing multifuel plants with versatile fuel storage and optimal fuel handling solutions. Different fuels can be stored on different sections on a moving floor or beneath an automatic crane to mix them before the fuel is fed to the boiler. Maintaining a consistent fuel mix is crucial for achieving efficient combustion. Whether dealing with RDF or shredded wood waste, our plants can accommodate incidental pieces of metal, aluminium, stones, or oversized items supplied to the storage. Optional magnet separator, eddy current, or a sieve can be offered to ensure the removal of these components, enhancing uptime and operational reliability.


  • Robust systems designed to manage fuel up to 350mm in size
  • Versatile fuel handling
  • Magnet separator / Eddy current to seamlessly extract both ferrous and non-ferrous materials,
  • Integrated sieve system effectively filters out fines and oversized particles
  • Removing unwanted materials early in the proces to minimize maintenance needs and operational disruptions
  • Efficiently removing incidental pieces of metal, aluminium, or oversized items before storage
HoSt - fuel handling & storage

Moving floor

HoSt’s automatic moving floor is a robust system, making it a versatile option for any weather condition. It is designed to efficiently manage and transport extensive volumes of biomass. Our moving floor features several hydraulically-driven push floor ladders and can accommodate up to a 4-meter high stack, allowing for efficient space utilization. Additionally, it allows for fuel mixing, with separated sections on the moving floor, enabling precise management of different fuel types, crucial for maintaining optimal combustion conditions.

automatic overhead crane

Automatic crane system

Biomass, RDF, and other types of fuel can be stored under an automatic overhead crane, which gives the ultimate ease in operations. An automatic crane is able to unload fuel that is dumped by trucks in a dumping pit, transport the fuels to a large storage, mix different types of fuels and feed the fuel mix to a conveyor which in turn transports the fuel mix to the boiler. With an automatic crane it is possible to stack the fuel at least 6m high and is a good choice when the area is limited, a large fuel storage is wished for and or ease of operations is wanted.

HoSt - infeeder of biomass-fired heat and power plant

Infeeder & transport

Our robust infeeder systems are designed to efficiently manage particles up to 300mm, ensuring smooth operation. We offer hydraulic pushers or screw infeeders; the hydraulic infeeder stands out for its robustness and ability to handle large particles, while the screw infeeder provides enhanced control over fuel feeding and combustion. For homogeneous fuel particles in biomass fuels, a chain conveyor is utilized, ensuring optimal processing of uniform materials. Alternatively, a belt conveyor is typically employed for RDF fuels and shredded materials, accommodating diverse fuel types and offering flexibility in handling.