HoSt biomass-fired heat and power plant in Bemmel, Netherlands

Biomass-fired CHP Plant in Bemmel, Netherlands

Renewable heat for greenhouses produced by our highly efficient 15MW biomass-fired boiler plant. Eliminating the need for a natural gas boiler.
HoSt biomass-fired boiler plant - Bemmel Netherlands

Heat for greenhouses

Located in a thriving greenhouse region called NEXTgarden in the Netherlands, our 15 MW biomass-fired boiler plant eliminates the need for the traditional natural gas boiler. By turning area-sourced shredded wood waste with a high ash content into renewable heat and power, local growers meet their energy demands and reach their sustainability goals. The plant reaches a high efficiency rate due to the integration of a flue gas condenser.

“HoSt's technology has contributed to our plant's operational stability, as evidenced by our 14-month uninterrupted production record.”
Plant Manager Bio-Energie NEXTgarden

Uninterrupted operation milestone

Natural gas saved
0 million Nm3 / year
0 %
0 MW

This 15MWth cogeneration plant, commissioned in 2021, has achieved an uninterrupted operation in 2023 for an impressive 14 months without maintenance stops. This high-tech renewable energy facility converts local low-grade wood chips, shreds, sawdust from the timber industry and Agri residues from the food & beverage industry. This multi- fuel plant is so robust it can accept a great variety of moisture and ash content and size up to as large as 40cm into renewable heat and electricity. While maintaining very high efficiency and achieving ultra-low emissions, this operational achievement exemplifies the power of providing a reliable and sustainable energy source.

HoSt biomass-fired boiler plant - Bemmel Netherlands
Natural gas saved
0 million Nm3 / year
0 %
0 MW

Technical highlights

Fuel type
Wood storage
Wood supply system
Fuel capacity
Water tube boiler
Steam turbine
Steam condenser
Bag house filter
Flue gas cleaning
Flue gas condenser
Woodchips from pruning waste
250 m2
Moving floor with chain conveyor and hydraulic push infeeders
7 tons/hour
16.5 MW
15 MW
3.4 MWe on 70 °C
11.4 MWt
Dust emission <2 mg/Nm3
DeNOx-cleaning (NO-NOx™)
3.5 MW
Up to 118% through the use of a flue gas condenser

High-up time as result of:

  • Best available boiler design.
  • Multi fuel biomass plant
  • Robust optimized fuel feeding design.
  • Reliable high-quality components.
  • Service & maintenance contract including preventivemaintenance.
  • Continuous improvements of the design based on input from construction, engineering, operations, and maintenance experience.