HoSt biogas facility with biogas purification

Biogas upgrading

Biogas upgrading technology is an essential add-on technology for all biogas plants. The systems integrate effortlessly into biogas facilities for biogas purification and biomethane production.
HoSt biogas plant including biogas purification system

Membrane technology

Biogas upgrading systems from HoSt use in-house membrane technology, to reach efficient and optimal biogas utilization. During this process, raw biogas is purified by removing impurities such as CO2 – where selective membranes allow the passage of methane but not CO2. This method offers high separation efficiency and is able to handle varying biogas feedstock compositions. Resulting in the highest possible biomethane yield.

Our biogas upgrading product range:


HoSt - Biogas Upgrader Mini
Small-scale biogas upgrader with membrane technology for small projects.


HoSt - Biogas Upgrader Compact
Compact biogas upgrader with membrane technology for biogas plants.


HoSt - Biogas Upgrader Medium
Medium-scaled membrane biogas upgrader for biogas plants.


HoSt - Biogas Upgrader Grand
Large-scale membrane biogas upgrading solution for biogas plants.


  • Effortlessly integrated into any type of biogas facility
  • Maximization of biogas value and production
  • Generation of biomethane from biogas purification
  • Compact and modular design
  • High separation efficiency with membrane technology
Biomethane (grid injection)
Bio-CNG (virtual pipeline)
BioCO2 (CO2 liquefaction)
Capacity biogas flow
Methane slip
Methane slip with CO2 liquefaction
30-60 Nm3/hr
Membrane separation
HoSt biogas facility with biogas purification

Biomethane production

Biogas purification technology converts biogas into biomethane with a prefabricated, modular, and containerized system. This compact design results in easy integration into any new or existing biogas plant. With biogas utilization, the value of the biogas production is maximized while simultaneously additional revenue is created. Any type of biogas plant is suitable for our biogas upgrading technology – enhancing the efficiency of the whole biogas facility.