HoSt bio-LNG technology

Biomethane liquefaction

Access a reliable fuel supply and maximize sustainable fuel production from biomethane. Through biomethane liquefaction (bio-LNG) technology, biomethane from biogas is converted into liquid biomethane.
HoSt bio-LNG technology

Bio-LNG technology

Biomethane liquefaction technology purifies biogas to biomethane and further into bio-LNG or liquid biomethane. This in-house technology is an add-on system for biogas plants including a biogas upgrading system. The technology enables local biomethane producers to gain a secure and high-quality fuel source – providing an eco-friendly alternative fuel. Bio-LNG technology empowers sustainable energy production while increasing circularity.


  • Bio-LNG provides an eco-friendly alternative fuel
  • Liquid biomethane is applied in various industrial processes
  • Compact and modular design, ensuring an effortless integration into the renewable energy facility
  • Liquefied biomethane is easily transported
  • Lowering of the Carbon Intensity (CI) score

Liquid biomethane

Bio-LNG is a high-energy density fuel and can be used for various applications – including heavy transportation fuel, shipping, and internal production processes. Biomethane liquefaction systems are compact-sized, meaning every biogas producer can profit from and expand their sustainable business operations. A biogas facility including a biogas upgrading system in combination with bio-LNG technology and a CO2 liquefier results in additional revenue and a significant decrease in the Carbon Intensity (CI) score.