HoSt biogas plant - France, SAS Orvin - heat exchange & recovery

Heat exchange & recovery

Heat exchanger and recovery technology effectively recovers heat from the biogas production process - maximizing energy efficiency.
HoSt biogas plants - heat exchange and recovery

Lower operational costs

Heat exchanger and recovery systems from HoSt come in two options: direct heat recovery from digestate or heat recovery in combination with heat pumps. Both effectively recover heat from digestate, which can then be utilized to heat either the incoming liquid feed or the digesters. Maximizing energy efficiency, as well as reducing operating costs significantly.


  • Maximize energy efficiency
  • Significant decrease in operation costs
  • Designed for heat exchange of high viscous liquids and masses
  • Compact and modular system
HoSt biogas plant - external heat recovery

External heat exchanger

To ensure the heating of the digesters, HoSt applies an external heat exchanger. Resulting in less fouling within the digester and easy access for operational purposes, such as cleaning. Additionally, the external heat exchanger facilitates the option to grind the digestate.§